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Dental Discount Card Savings Information

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How Dental Coverage -Any Coverage- Saves Money!

If you don't have dental insurance through work, purchasing one of the many Dental Discount Cards may be a wise investment in lowering your dental care costs. Study after study has shown that regular dental visits can actually save you money! According to the National Institute of Health, every $1 spent on preventive dentistry -that includes regular checkups and teeth cleanings- saves $4 in restorative dentistry! A study published in the Journal of Periodontology found that patients with severe periodontal disease had 21% higher health care costs as compared to those with no periodontal disease.

How Big Are The Discounts With Dental Cards?

Happy people with bright smiles from good discount dental card savings.Discount dental plan cards ARE AN AFFORDABLE OPTION for people without any type of dental coverage. Members of these discounted dental programs can lower their dentist bills by an average of 33%, although savings for individual procedures can be as high as 50%, 60% and even in some cases 70% or more. Almost all types of dental work is included such as exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, bridges, dentures, caps, crowns, braces, dental surgery, etc. All dental providers participating in these types of dental plans have agreed to accept a lower fee than they would normally charge as payment in full for each dental procedure they have done.

<p><font face="Verdana, Arial">Where can I find dental discount card coverage? The most affordable program INSURANCE but a dental insurance or reduced-fee-for-service plan and is administered by dental discounts Consumer Health Inc. If you've questions or complaints, contact us at California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada dental discount cards versus insurance or at the website. The program and its administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service or the quality of service rendered. It is important to note that this is not dental discount cards good. This is dental insurance program where people can take advantage of and discounts from credentialed network that Aetna has put together because of its expertise, size and financial strength. We provide access to this network aetna dental discount card but the consumer chooses their dentist, service level, and dental care programs individually. aetna dental discount card program. I've heard that dental discount cards vs insurance. How often can you get a dental discount card savings program that doesn't include scam artists selling dental discount cards, or online dental discount cards free programs and benefits for group plan companies offering discount dental card plans? On the other hand, don't be too willing or too quick to dismiss the low-cost or cheapskate type discount dental cards solutions provide an excellent best dentistry discount plans alternative to dental insurance by or for the company Aetna.</font></p>

Dental Discount Cards Are Not Insurance

Unlike dental insurance, dental discount card plans have no annual limits, no health restrictions and no dental exclusions. These discount plans do not pay for dental services themselves but instead offer substantial discounts on the price of all or most dental procedures, but only from participating dental providers. If you're still unsure about any dental card program, please read this brochure educating consumers on medical, prescription and dental card programs put out by the New York Attorney General office.

How do dentists feel about dental discount card? Many find this type of dental coverage preferable to traditional dental insurance with its endless forms, billing nightmares and the displeasure of having to break the news to their patients that the procedure they need to have done isn't covered by their insurance. "This (type of) program has been a great tool for our office!", says Dr. Thomas Eaton of Ione, California. "Many of our clients tell their friends about us and the many options we have to pay for their visits. I love this service and it has made my life easy!"

How To Choose The Best Discount Dental Card

But how does one know which discount dental plan is best? There can be literally a dozen or more plans in your area for you to choose from, each one with their own group of participating dentists, premiums, fee schedules and restrictions.

Because studies done by the National Association of Dental Plans show that 68% of all buyers pay too much for full dental coverage, believe that an informed consumer is a smart consumer. Therefore, we strongly suggests you know the answers to the following three questions before choosing a dental discount card plan to purchase.

  • How Many Local Dentists Practice In My Area? strongly recommends that before you enroll in any dental plan, find out how many dentists and dental specialists in your area accept that plan. After all, what good is a dental plan if there aren't any dental providers located within driving distance of where you live. Especially if there is 1-2 dentists near you, call their offices and make sure that they still accept the plan you're considering joining.

  • What Extent Do Discount Cards Cover Specialists? recommends choosing a plan that offers at least a 20% discount on all work done by dental specialists (Periodontists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, etc.) unless you live in a rural area where just finding a dental specialist is rare, let alone one that accepts discounted dental plans. Please note that many dental procedures usually associated with "specialists" (braces, dentures, root canals, etc.) can frequently be done by a general dentist at a much lower cost so don't be so quick to see a "specialist".

  • How Long Before Dental Benefits "Kicks In"? recommends choosing a discount dental card plan that allows you to begin using your benefits within a week or two of joining, except for dental emergencies where you need a plan with instant activation so that you can see a dentist the same or next day you enroll.

  • How To Shop For Discount Dental Cards

    Its important that you take your time when shopping around for a dental plan because some plans may cost less per month/year but offer smaller discounts on dental procedures which could end up costing you more (maybe much more!) should you visit the dentist more than once during the year.

    Although doesn't endorse one dental discount card over another, those looking to join a dental discount card plan should go to because and they make it easy to comparison shop by allowing you to quickly compare membership fees, participating dentists, dental procedures prices, and much more between 10 to 20 different regional and/or national plans. In addition, you'll save 10% on any plan you purchase! To do so, click on the link below, type in your zip code and begin comparing discount dental cards available in your area. Then, when you've decided on which discount dental savings card to become a member of, use's SPECIAL 10% OFF COUPON by using the code-word "blurt" when filling out an online application for one of several different dental discount cards to choose from.

    Compare Dental Discount Cards In Your Area...

    Discount dental cards provide users with substantial savings on all types of dental work.

    Questions? Comments? Call Us: 1-877-534-4808

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