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Dentist Emergency? No Insurance? No Problem!

If you have to see a dentist ASAP but haven't seen one in ages because you don't have any dental insurance, fortunately there's a way you can see a dentist within 24 hours and still save up to 50% (or more) on your dental bill by enrolling in a Discount Dental Plan. Even "Good Morning America" suggested joining a discount dental plan (a.k.a. discount club) as #1 Way To Cut Health Care Costs. Perhaps best of all, unlike traditional dental insurance, these types of plans offer new members instant coverage allowing them to see a dentist within one business day.
"I would like to thank you for such a wonderful alternative to dental insurance. I recently had root canal and crown procedures performed on a posterior molar. Without my discount dental plan, these procedures would have cost me $2125. With the plan my total was only $1350, a savings of $775. I highly recommend this plan to anyone who does not have dental insurance or who has reached their yearly insurance maximum." - Tammy of Everett, MA (May, 2011)

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Instant Dental Coverage

Although DiscountDental4U.net doesn't endorse one dental coverage plan over another, we recommend you choose from two different discount dental plans for same-day emergency dental coverage; 1Dental or AmeriPlan Dental+ if you need to see a dentist immediately and DentalPlans for non-emergency discount plan coverage. We offer this choice because discount plans can vary so widely in their monthly fees, availability of local dentists, discounts on dental procedures and, most importantly, how soon after enrollment can you use the plan.

#1 Emergency Option: 1Dental
      Plan Activation Date: Instantly (not including weekends)
      Plan Monthly Cost: $6.95 (1 member) or $11.95 (2 members) or $15.95 (3+ members)
      Discounts on Dental Work: 15%-60% (general dentists) or 20% (dental specialists)
      Participating Dentists: 122,000+ dental providers (dentists & specialists) nationwide
      Additional Health Benefits: Includes vision benefits (Rx drug plan $1 p/mo extra)
      Find Local Dentists Here: Locate the nearest CLICK HERE To Join 1Dental
All memberships include a 30 day moneyback guarantee

#2 Emergency Option: AmeriPlan Dental+
      Plan Activation Date: Instantly (including weekends)
      Plan Monthly Cost: $14.95 per month (individual) or $19.95 per month (family)
      Discounts On Dental Work: 15%-80% (general dentists) or 15%-25% (dental specialists)
      Participating Dentists: 31,000+ dental providers (dentists & specialists) nationwide
      Additional Health Benefits: Includes vision, Rx drug & chiropractic benefits
      Find Local Dentists Here: Locate the nearest AmeriPlan dental providers

CLICK HERE To Join AmeriPlan
All memberships include a 30 day moneyback guarantee

#3 Emergency Option: DentalPlans
      Plan Activation Date: Varies; usually 2-3 business days
      Plan Yearly Cost: From $71.96* (individual) to $179.96* (family)
      Discounts On Dental Work: 10%-60% (general dentists) or 15%-20% (dental specialists)
      Participating Dentists: 100,000+ dental providers (dentists & specialists) nationwide
      Additional Health Benefits: Varies; some plans include vision and/or RX drug benefits
      Find Local Dentists Here: Locate the nearest DentalPlans dental providers

* Price after special 10% discount courtesy of DiscountDental4U.net

CLICK HERE To Join DentalPlans
All memberships include a 30 day moneyback guarantee

Dental emergency plan coverage for the uninsured via discount dental plans

No Emergency Dentist In Your Area?

Most of the discount dental plans tend to only have dentists clustered around populated areas with few if any providers in rural areas. If you have a emergency dental coverage but cannot find a dental plan with any local dental providers, let us help you. We can't promise we'll find you a discount dental plan with any nearby dental providers, but we'll do our best so send us an Emergency Dentist Email.

Remember, one of the biggest advantages of using a discount plan for a dental emergency over walking in off the street is that new members won't be charged an extra fee to be seen that day as fewer dental insurance policies offer their members this option and most dentist offices either will not take "walk-in" patients or will charge an extra $25 to $50 for same-day dental treatment.

"I saved so much money; I am amazed at our discount dental program. In fact, I saved so much I had my mother sign up as well. Signing up for with this dental plan saved my mother THOUSANDS of dollars. Thanks for the easy site and the massive savings!" - Jill of Fort Worth, TX (May, 2012)

Have a Dental Question? Where do I get emergency dental care without insurance? Call Mike (877) 534-4808

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