Immediate emergency dental insurance plan coverage letting you go to a dentist within minutes for all dental emergencies and still save as much as 80%
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Emergency Dental Insurance Solutions

We have dental coverage for all types of dental emergenciesIf you're one of the 108 million Americans without dental insurance, it can be more painful getting your dental bill then having the dental work done! Thankfully, Discount Dental Plans make it both easy and affordable to maintain your dental health while realistically lowering your dental bills by 20% to as much as 80%. In fact "Good Morning America" suggested joining a discount dental plan (a.k.a. discount club) as #1 Way To Cut Health Care Costs.

Although doesn't endorse one dental plan over another, we recommend you choose from three different discount dental plan Companies; AmeriPlan or 1Dental for emergency dental coverage. We offer this choice because discount dental plans vary so widely on all the important aspects of dental coverage that matter most such as their monthly fees, availability of local dentists, discounts on dental procedures, additional health benefits and most importantly, how soon after enrollment can you use their benefits, etc.

There are over 250 dental procedures that can be performed by any given dentist. All insurance plans have limits and caps on how much they will cover in a policy year. The beauty of discount dental plans featured in is that there are no limits so no matter how much dental work you need done in the year. So, no matter which procedures you have done at the dentist which or how often you go, any of these plans will save you money, even up to 50% and in some cases more!

#1 Emergency Coverage Option: 1Dental

      Plan Activation Date: Instantly (not including weekends)
      Plan Monthly Cost: $6.95 (1 member); $11.95 p/m (2 members); $15.95 (3+ members)
      Discounts on Dental Work: 15% to 60% (general dentists) or 20% (dental specialists)
      Participating Dentists: 122,000+ dental providers (dentists & specialists) nationwide
      Additional Health Benefits: Includes vision benefits (Rx drug plan $1 p/mo extra)
      Find Local Dentists Here: Locate the nearest 1Dental dental providers

CLICK HERE To Join 1Dental
All memberships include a 30 day moneyback guarantee

#2 Emergency Coverage Option: AmeriPlan Dental+

      Plan Activation Date: Instantly (including weekends)
      Plan Monthly Cost: $14.95 (single membership) or $19.95 (family membership)
      Discounts On Dental Work: 20%-80% (general dentists) or 15%-25% (dental specialists)
      Participating Dentists: 31,000+ dental providers (dentists & specialists) nationwide
      Additional Health Benefits: Includes vision, Rx drug & chiropractic benefits
      Find Local Dentists Here: Locate the nearest AmeriPlan dental providers

CLICK HERE To Join AmeriPlan
All memberships include a 30 day moneyback guarantee

No Emergency Dentists In Your Area?

Most of the discount dental plans tend to only have dentists clustered around populated areas with few if any providers in rural areas. If you have a emergency dental coverage but cannot find a dental plan with any local dental providers, let us help you. We can't promise we'll find you a discount dental plan with any nearby dental providers, but we'll do our best so send us an Emergency Dentist Email.

"I saved so much money; I am amazed at this program. In fact, I saved so much I had my mother sign up as well. Signing up for a discount dental plan saved my mother THOUSANDS of dollars. Thanks for the easy site and the massive savings!" - Jill of Fort Worth, TX (May, 2013)

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